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Are you looking for loans in the Netherlands? Do you want to know what a loan is and what to consider before applying for a loan? Then this article is for you. Here you can find all about loans and taking loans in the Netherlands
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In the following article, you will find options for taking loans in the Netherlands. You will also find all the information about loans in the Netherlands so that you can decide for yourself which option is best for you.

In this text, we do not give you financial advice and everything you decide will be your decision.

When it comes to finances, you have to be extra careful, because the decisions you make can affect your life for a long time.

So be well-informed and do your complete research before making any decision.

Loans Options

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Loans in the Netherlands: Good to know

What Is A Loan?

A loan is something where an amount of cash is provided to another partner in exchange for the future payback of the worth or original sum. The creditor frequently brings interest or financial services charges to the main price. This cash is an additional price to be paid by the borrower other than the loan’s original amount.

Loans in the Netherlands have various types based on security and purposes.

Types Of Loans


1.   Secured Loans in the Netherlands

These loans obligate the debtor to put up assets or security for borrowed funds. If the debtor fails to pay back the debt, the lender may use the guaranteed security to retrieve the outstanding payment. The interest rate on these debts is comparatively lower than on unsecured loans.


2.   Unsecured Loans in the Netherlands

Unsecured loans are ones in which no security is required for loan delivery. To assess whether or not to provide the loan, the lender considers the debtor’s previous connection, payment history, and other variables. Because there is no way to regain the loan price if the debtor fails, the interest rate on these loans may be greater.

Table of contents

What Do You Need To Know Before Applying To A Loan?

There are several things that people should consider before applying for loans. They are as follows:

1.   History Of Credit

If an individual has a strong credit record, it demonstrates to the moneylender that he can make timely installments. As a result, the greater the credit rating, the more likely the person would be accepted for a loan. A strong credit score also increases one’s chances of obtaining good terms.

2.   Earnings And Work History

Your monthly or yearly earnings and job history are important factors in a loan acceptance. Depending on your job history and consistency, the lender could not be confident that you’ll be capable of repaying the loan.

Regardless of the businessman, the lender expects your firm to be in good condition and generate sufficient revenues.

3.   Securities

The moneylender can choose the rate of interest for your loan depending on the security you offer and its existing market worth. Providing security makes the process safer in the lender’s mind, which might result in more confidence and lower interest rates. Unsecured loans are notorious for having a greater interest rate than secured loans.

4.   Debt-To-Income Ratio

The debt-to-income ratio is also critical. If you earn $100,000 monthly and your debt payback obligations surpass $70,000, you’ll not be eligible for a new loan since you will require the leftover earnings to cover your household expenditures.

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For What Purpose Can You Acquire Loans?

1.   Education Loan

Education loans are financial funds that help debtors continue their studies. To obtain finance, you must possess an entrance permit issued by the university. Both national and foreign courses are eligible for funding.

2.   Automobile Loan

Automobile loans help people buy two-wheelers and four-wheelers. The moneylender will compute the loan price depending on the vehicle’s registration, mileage, etc.

3.   Mortgage Loan

Mortgage loans provide cash for purchasing a home/flat, constructing a residence, or renovating an older structure. In this instance, the bank will hold the asset and transfer possession to the real owner after fulfilling installments.

How To Get A Loan In The Netherlands?

People take a loan regularly in most nations, including the Netherlands. On the other hand, the Dutch have few distinct borrowing tendencies. Compared to other nations, many Dutch residents have unusually substantial mortgage debts but almost no credit card debt. Furthermore, the Dutch are less likely than persons in other nations to hold a personal loan.


If you want to start over as a foreigner in the Netherlands, you should keep a careful record of the available Dutch loans. You will not have problems acquiring something large for yourself if you are familiar with the Dutch loan system.

What Is The Purpose Of The Dutch Borrowing?

The largest loan taken out by the Dutch is frequently the one taken out to purchase a property, namely a mortgage. In addition, they loan more on mortgages than those in other nations. Aside from borrowing cash to purchase a property, the Dutch mostly borrow to buy an automobile or enhance their home. Finally, the Dutch borrow money to consolidate or restructure other loans.

No Loans Before Job

If you have just entered the Netherlands and have recently begun working, you must be calm to obtain a loan. People with a track record of a job are more likely to be given loans. That signifies you’ve been in the Netherlands for at minimum three years.

Wish to take out a loan in the Netherlands?

You can obtain a personal loan even if you are overseas and are temporarily residing in the Netherlands.

  • The residence and earning time in the Netherlands is the maximum duration for your loan.
  • You must submit a loan application jointly if you’re wedded or cohabitating with a spouse. You will benefit as your interest rate will be lowered if your spouse works.
  • The Dutch Credit Registrar’s Office keeps an eye on all money lent across the Netherlands. They ensure individuals are not borrowing above their limits and will examine loan documents first.


Get A Personal Loan In The Netherlands

A personal loan can lead to increasing financial capability. A personal loan can be employed for various objectives, including home renovation, purchasing everyday items, and purchasing an automobile.

The loan duration in the Netherlands

Personal loans in the Netherlands have terms ranging from 6 to 120 months. Clients must understand that the term must equal the lifespan of the goods purchased with the loan under specific circumstances. The loan duration can be extended for a maximum of fifteen years.

Personal loan features:

  • You take a specific amount just once.
  • You may set interest rates on loans.
  • You make a certain monthly payment for interest and payback.
  • Loan with a set repayment period.
  • It is acceptable to repay without charges.
  • A good credit rating makes it simpler to get.

Personal Loan Criteria In The Netherlands

As a foreigner in the Netherlands, you can request a personal loan. Most lenders expect you to satisfy the following criteria:

  • You have worked in the Netherlands for at minimum three years under a contract with a Dutch company.
  • In the event of your own business, you must have at least 3 years’ worth of business numbers.
  • You have a good credit record.
  • If you are not of European origin, you must have a residency permit of one of the following categories: I, II, III, IV, or V.

If you fulfil the above criteria, you are prepared to request a personal loan.

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How Does Personal Loan Works In The Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, the borrower receives the full personal loan payment in a single instalment. In the loan conditions that apply in the Netherlands, the debtor must repay the obtained sum in repayments with interest after a certain period.

Personal Loan Interest

When obtaining a loan in the Netherlands, keeping a close eye on the interest rate is essential. The greater the interest rate, the higher your loan cost. The monthly payments will be set across the loan’s duration and consist of payback and interest charged.

Checking Accounts And loan Repayments In The Netherlands

You will be unhappy if you expect your loan to be moved to a foreign bank account. Dutch banks move solely to their offered bank accounts or other Dutch account numbers. Therefore, as shortly as you receive a loan, you will be able to send the cash to your international bank account.

Permit To Reside

Is a residency permit required to obtain a loan from a lender in the Netherlands? Yes, you must if you are a foreigner residing outside the EU. A permanent residency permit is required.

How To Get A Student Loan In The Netherlands?

Unfortunately, hardly many banks in the Netherlands provide student loans to foreigners.

  • You may apply for student financial aid if you are a registered undergraduate and post-graduate student. You need to have Dutch citizenship or equivalent privileges.
  • Non-Dutch people can also seek financial aid for college.
  • You can borrow money from particular institutions and internet lenders if you wish to study for bachelors and post-secondary degrees in the Netherlands.
  • Large scholarships and financial aid are offered to aspiring impoverished students by the Netherlands government and various private organizations.

How To Get A House Loan In The Netherlands?

It might be challenging for foreigners to buy a new home in the Netherlands unless they fully comprehend all the conditions and requirements of the Dutch home mortgage.

  • Mortgage loans are provided to foreigners by banks and private financiers depending on a few key pieces of documents.
  • You must present a property permit and documentation of your present job in the Netherlands.
  • Mortgage loans to non-EU residents are not allowed by banks with a history of financial instability.
  • When offering mortgage loans, ABN AMRO takes 90 per cent of the total non-EU sum.
  • Debtors must return their loans with high interest within the specified time frame.

How To Get A Car Loan In The Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, getting a vehicle loan is a rather frequent practice.

  • Foreigners and immigrants can get automobile loans from renowned Dutch banks like ING, large businesses, and financiers.
  • If you wish to take a loan from the bank, you must have 3 years of job record and a strong credit rating.
  • You can choose the loan duration between 12-180 months in the Netherlands as needed.
  • You may certainly take advantage of a large car loan with monthly payments of 1%- 2% of the loan balance.
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Famous Banks In The Netherlands

1.   ING Bank

In the Netherlands, ING Bank is the biggest bank. The current strategic objectives of ING Bank include the following:

  • Bolstering its strengths in digital banking.
  • Raising capital reserves.
  • Lowering cost-to-income ratios.

The goal of ING Bank is to lead the way in providing a convenient digital client experience. Products, services, and tools that support clients in making wise financial decisions have been simplified.

2.   BNG Bank

BNG Bank is a public-sector-focused banking institution. Local governments, public goods, medical and educational facilities and housing projects are served by BNG Bank. Loans, money transfers, consulting, digital payment, and investments are just a few of the professional banking systems BNG Bank offers.

3.   Nationale-Nederlanden

Nationale-Nederlanden Bank is a subsidiary of the NN Organization, an insurer and asset management firm. Nationale-Nederlanden Bank offers consumer banking goods and services such as deposits, investments, card payments, houses, and personal loans. Through independent consultants, Nationale-Nederlanden Bank makes its services available directly and indirectly.

4.   NatWest Markets

NatWest Markets is an investment bank. Customers worldwide may get debt finance, trading services, and risk mitigation from NatWest Markets.

What Are Online Loans?

Even without stepping foot in a bank branch, online loans allow you to finish the whole borrowing procedure, from evaluation to loan financing. They can be an easy method to take funds. Online-only banks may offer cheaper or more flexible conditions than traditional lenders.

Advantages Of Online Loans

Online loans are fast, simple, and accessible loans that may be obtained without a thorough application process. Unlike traditional bank loans, you are not required to provide anything to secure your loan. The fewest possible identity documents are needed.

Online Loans In The Netherlands

●    Swishfund

Swishfund is a portal for online loans in the Netherlands. Possible loan durations are 3, 6, or 12 months. Current company performance is used as the foundation for credit evaluation. Companies operational for a minimum of one year and generate annual sales of €50,000 are eligible to request loans here. Users are eligible to request for €250,000 max loan.

●    Factris

Finance for billing using the Factris online loan platform. It provides businesses with brief cash flow on their contracts. Users who want to request invoice financing must supply some basic information. Once invoices are accepted, customers may post them on the site and get the money into a connected bank account.

●    Lendahand

Lendahand is a purchase-to-pay lending network where you may fund business owners in developing nations. The platform requires a minimum loan of €50. The Lendahand Institute also provides small- and moderate-business training in emerging markets.

●    CloQ

CloQ is an online marketplace for microloans. Users with a good track record of debt payment are eligible to request loans with greater maximums. Money is sent to the debtor’s electronic wallet. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for credit assessments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I obtain a loan while having poor finance?

Ans: You may obtain a loan even if your credit is poor. But keep in mind that if your credit rate is low enough, there will be restrictions. Banks will also provide you with less money and charge you a higher interest rate.

Q: How do individual private loans operate?

Ans: An example of installment credit is personal loans. Borrowers receive a single cash payment from personal loans. Then, borrowers make regular, monthly installment payments to repay that sum of interest.

Q: Is taking a loan easy in the Netherlands?

Ans: You must fulfill 3 years’ job history and credit rating to take a loan.

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